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 Leader: Wes Kimes | 

 Day & Time: Sundays & Various Services during the course of the year @ 10 am


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The Acolytes serve at the altar during the Eucharist, carrying the cross or a torch in procession and providing the clergy with the appropriate vessels

while communion is being prepared.  Open to all parishioners ages eight years old to adults, this ministry is currently seeking adults and youth to

join and serve at Sunday morning services.  





Altar Guild

Leaders: Kristen Krueger |

                         Kerry Kean |  2018 altar guild

Day & Time: The group meets the 3rd Saturday of the month to create our schedule.  On the schedule, members are usually "on" one weekend a month.  Our group meeting starts at 8:30 am.  Cleaning on Saturday is usually done in the morning, at a time agreed upon.

Place: We begin with morning prayer in the chapel and then we move to the library for our scheduling.


A wonderful ministry of service, the Altar Guild is the priest's guild, responsible for preparing the altar for service.  Some of the things we care for include the linens, wine, wafers, vestments, flowers and chalices.  Our dedicated group helps to clean the chapel, sacristy and altar on Saturday. We set up and clean up for the all services for Sundays, weddings and funerals.  Some talented members arrange the flowers for the altar.



Greeters & Welcoming

Leader: Jane Hyla | 

Day & Time: Meetings are scheduled as needed. 


We are a group of parishioners who greet both new and existing parishioners year round at the 10 am services.



Lay Eucharistic Ministry (LEM)

Leader: Kevin Taylor|

Day & Time: Sundays & Various Services during the course of the year @ 8 am & 10 am


The most visible portion of the Lay Eucharistic Ministry at St. Michael’s is the administration of the chalice at the Sunday Eucharists. Additionally, LEMs are called upon to serve at weekday services, funerals, weddings and Holy Days. Lay Eucharistic Ministers share a unique experience: that of serving in a defined, public lay ministry. Our church is blessed to have a group of dedicated men and women who serve on Sunday mornings and at special Eucharists throughout the year.




Leader: David Rauschenberg|  


If you have the calling to read the Lessons during Sunday services, and to lead the congregation with reading the Psalms, then this is the ministry for you. There are no meetings to attend, just a brief instructional time before the Service is all that is needed.  We are always looking for new readers to join our great ministry.




Chancel Choir

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Leader: Mark Sikkila  |

Day & Time: Rehearsals are Thursday evenings 7:30 to 9:00 pm & Sunday mornings 9:15 am


St. Michael’s has always placed a very high value on sacred music. This is apparent in the variety, quality and commitment to music in the liturgy, and to music as a means of spiritual understanding and growth. St. Michael's Chancel Choir sings each Sunday at the 10 am Eucharist, September through May. The choir leads congregational singing of service music and hymns, and also prepares appropriate seasonal offertory anthems. High standards and goals are set for the group, which is comprised of volunteers with varying levels of ability. The choir’s offerings may include professional vocalists and instrumentalists on major feasts.


Each of the Sundays of June, July, and August our Occasional Choir sings at the 10:00 am service.  Any and all are invited to gather in the choir loft at 9:15 a.m.  We don’t wear robes or process, we only work on easily-learned music and offer it at 10:00 worship. Come and join us for musical fun and worship.


Children's Choir

2017 childrens choir

Leader: Sara Torbeck |

 Day & Time: Rehearsals are Saturday 8:30 to 9:30 am with a social time from 9:20 to 9:30 am


The Children's Choir is a powerful draw for young families. The choir contributes musical offerings throughout the school year and performs a musical drama each December.  

Student Information Sheet


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St. Cecilia's Guild

Leader: Greg Michaels  |

Day & Time: Meetings are scheduled as needed. 


St. Cecilia’s Guild, which is supported by our Music Ministry, is comprised of emeritus choir members, current choir members and non-musicians. The Guild assists the Music Ministry by organizing periodic recital fundraisers and delivering regular music education programs for the appreciation of sacred music. The Guild fosters excellence in sacred music by providing partial scholarships for choir members to attend periodic cathedral residencies in England.



St. Michael's Healing Prayer Ministry

Ministry Leader:  Greg Smith | 


We pray for mind, body & spirit.  Praying for healing renews and deepens our relationship with God and the Holy Spirit.  Through prayer, the laying on of hands, anointing and other means of grace, we meet Jesus in our brokenness and pain.  Here Jesus transforms, redeems, resurrects and heals.  Healing prayer is inviting God to work in the person, in God's own way and timing. 


Healing prayer is offered at each Sunday service during communion to the left of the altar by the statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary.




Leader: Dave Waring (8am)  |  d

                       Emanuel Semerad (10am)  |   

Day & Time:  Sundays @ 8 am & 10 am services


Our ushers assist with meeting and greeting at the services. Their ministry is one of hospitality and is a great way for a newcomer to become more familiar with the people of the parish. The ushers also assist at funeral services throughout the year.


8:00 AM - Rite I   &   10:00 AM - Rite II   Click for directions
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