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The History of St. Michael’s Church




The source of the early history of St. Michael’s Church comes from James Haffner, Barrington resident and parishioner. Episcopalians attended Sunday worship at St. James Church, Dundee, IL. There was some talk of a church in Barrington but the Depression and WWII prevented this from happening. In 1945 Barrington Episcopalians met with Bishop Wallace Conkling and received permission to form a parish in Barrington. The name, St. Michael’s, was chosen. In September, a Sunday School was formed and began meeting at the Masonic Temple in Barrington. There were 41 children and adults present. A newsletter, ‘The Parish Visitor’, was published. In January 1949, the first Annual Meeting was held at the Masonic Temple. On Easter Day, 193 people attended the service. In December, four lots on the corner of Hillside and Dundee Avenues were purchased for $7,000. On December 10, The Rev. Joseph B. Williams was called to be the Rector of St. Michael’s.


1950 - 1959

With 100 families on the roles, St. Michael’s was returned to parish status. In September, the first rectory was built (just east of the church) with a $6,000 loan from the Bishop (4% interest). The contractor was Stanley Pepper, Sr. In June 1953, architect Ed Dart's contempory plan was chosen for St. Michael's.  In February 1954, the first Rectory was sold to finance the Church building. The corner stone was laid on May 9, and dedication services were held Nov. 27, 1953.  In 1955 St. Michael’s was given the Bard Memorial Bells. In 1956 the first Altar Guild was formed.  Fr. Williams became ill and left St. Michael’s in January 1958.  From January to June, the Rev. Donald B. Brieland, a member of the parish, was Priest-in-Charge of St. Michael’s. In June, The Rev. Donald B. Duncan from West Virginia was called as second rector. In March 1959, ground was broken for a rectory on Hillside Ave. The sacristy was finished. In July, the first Vacation Bible School was held.


1960 - 1969

Nave was widened in 1960 and the north and south pews were added. In 1961 the stained glass windows were designed and installed. In 1962 ground for the Parish Hall to the south and for the one story office wing to the north. In September, Fr. Duncan was called to a parish in New Jersey. In October, The Rev. Robert Gerhard was called from Three Rivers, MI.  The weekly newsletter, The Sword, was begun. In 1964 four classrooms were added to the Undercroft. Three Sunday services became necessary (8, 9:30, & 11); church school at 9:30. In 1965 The Rev. Charles Bennett became St. Michael’s first curate and then assistant rector. In 1966 the high altar was pulled away from the east wall and a side altar was added. The Diocese of Chicago canons were changed to permit women to serve on vestries. Beginning in 1967, lay persons were licensed to administer the chalice at Communion.  A new organ was ordered in1969.  Fr. Gerhard resigned in October to go to a parish in Ohio. In January 1969, The Rev. Menter B. Terrill from McKinney, TX. became Rector. 


1970 - 1979

In 1970 the west end expansion of Nave was completed with new choir area added and new entrance (Narthex). The new Bosch organ arrived from Germany. In 1971 the new liturgy, Rite II, began trial use. In 1972 the icon “Archangel Michael” donated.  In 1973 the ancient rite of the Easter Vigil was restored to Holy Week. A Saturday night Eucharist was begun. Plans for a courtyard columbarium were discussed. In September, a 25th anniversary celebration was held. All former rectors were present except Fr. Williams.  Fr. Terrill died January 2 , 1974. Fr. Richard Bradford became priest-in-charge. The Rev. William Allen became assisting priest.  In June, The Rev. William D. McLean was called and was instituted as Rector on St. Michael’s Day, September 29. In November 1977, the harpsichord was given as a memorial. In January 1978 , The Rev. Tyler Strand, Nashota House Seminary, became curate. He was ordained to the priesthood in April.  In June 1979, ground was broken for east room, new nursery, choir room, rectors office, clergy washroom. 


1980 - 1989

In January 1980, use of the 1979 BCP became official.  In August 1981, The Rev. Craig MacColl became curate and was ordained at St. Michael’s in December. In July 1983 The Rev. John L. McCausland became curate. In May 1984, Robert Lind became organist. In September 1984, Fr. McLean was nominated for Bishop of Chicago - he subsequently lost the vote for Bishop. In April 1985, The Rev. Donald L. Turner became curate.  In October, Frank T. Griswold became Bishop of Chicago. In February 1986, Fr. McLean accepted a call as rector to St. Boniface, Sarasota, FL. In March, a search committee was formed. Trial use of Rite II was begun but not adopted.  1986 all mortgages were burned and St. Michael’s became debt free. Fr. Turner became priest-in-charge.  Fr. Keyse instituted the use of Rite II liturgy.  Women were encouraged to be acolytes.  In July, The Rev. William Blackerby became curate. In July, David Lincoln became organist (1987-95).  In 1988 The Rev. George Karney becomes interim rector.


1990 - 1999

January 1990, The Rev. Alvin C. Johnson was called to be rector (1990-2010).  In 1991 girl acolytes and women chalice bearers were added. The Rev. Scott Hunter from North Carolina was called to be an associate priest on December 9. The Very Rev. Robert Orpen became part-time assistant. Annual mission trips began.  In 1992 a 5:30 pm Saturday Eucharist was added; three Sunday services added, church school with a 9:00 am Eucharist.  David Whitehouse became organist (1995-99). In 1998 the Covenant of Partnership with Renk in Sudan signed.  The nave floor tile replaced. The Rev. Mary Hansley was called to be an associate priest. Deacon Rich Towers joined the staff as our first youth pastor. Little Angels Christian Preschool opened. A year long celebration for St. Michael’s 50th anniversary. Capital Stewardship campaign, The Main Thing, kicked off a $3.2 million goal. In 1999 Marjorie Johnston became organist (1999-2007).


2000 - 2009

In 2000, the building was expanded to inlcude a chapel and choir room on the north side; Community Room upper level; preschool wing on lower level; church school wing redesiged.  In 2001 the Sturtz Street house was renovated to become the Jr/Sr High youth facility. Kevin Kasper began as youth pastor (2002-2008). The Rev. Judith C. Heinrich, parishioner, ordained deacon, February 1. 2003. The Rev. Dr. Mark A. McIntosh, parishioner, serves as assisting priest. In 2006 Fr. Johnson led a mission trip to Renk in Sudan. On February 19, the first partnership celebration with Redeemer Church, Elgin was held.  In 2007 the Barrington School District 220 LIFECO program began using the Sturtz House during the week for classes.  In 2007 Fr. Johnson was nominated for Bishop of Chicago but subsequently lost the vote.  November 10, Curate Martha Gillette started (2007-2011).  Ted Grueser begins as youth pastor June 9 (2009-2011).


2010 - present

The Rev. Laurie Michaels, parishioner, ordained deacon, February 6. In October, The Rev. Patrick Raymond was called to be St. Michael’s Rector (2011-2015). The Rev. Kevin Caruso started as Curate on July 11 (2011-2014). On August 1, David Baker begins as Director of Music Ministries (2011-2015), and Kara Joy Baker begins first as youth pastor & later as Little Angels Preschool Director (2011-2015).  In 2012 the chapel stained glass windows are installed and dedicated by Bishop Jeff Lee.  June 2013, The Rev. Kevin Caruso becomes Associate Rector. On August 26, the vestry moved and approved the blessing of same-gender relationships at St. Michael’s.  The Garden Columbarium was completlely renovated and re-landscaped in 2014.  In July 2014, Nate Nesbit begins as youth pastor (2014-2017).  In 2014 acoustical sound panels installed on ceiling and walls of Community Room. In May 2015, “The Main Thing” mortgage paid off.  On September 6, The Rev. Jack Fleming begins as Interim Rector (2016-2017). On September 20, the parish moved from three services on Sunday to two services at 8:00 & 10:00 am. On Sept. 11, 2016 The Rev.  Jesse Perkins begins as 9th Rector of St. Michael’s. On June 16, 2017 The Rev. Lisa Erdeljon begins as Curate.  In August, the Sturtz House received remodeling of the kitchen, floors, restrooms, additional ADA compliant accessibilities.  Summer 2017, electronic security system installed on all exterior church doors and the preschool playground was completely renovated.  On June 1, 2018 The Rev. Lisa Erdeljon becomes Associate Rector for Christian Education. On October 31, 2020 The Rev. Tim Murray was ordained deacon. 

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