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St. Michael’s has three Christ based congregational pillars, which are, Individual Spirituality, Church Community and Local Community/World. These pillars represent the basis of our congregational life, and are explained as follows:




Individual Spirituality is our direct connection to our Lord Jesus Christ. Through our worship services and education opportunities, we try to enhance this aspect of the individual’s life.

Church Community is how we connect as a congregation through offerings of support for all ages and fellowship geared towards acceptance of all people.

Local Community / World is our focus on Outreach. We support various organizations domestically and internationally.




“Growing and learning together in Christ through worship, fellowship and service,” reflects our mission.


St. Michael’s has a traditional service filled with a spiritual, festive and welcoming atmosphere. The Book of Common Prayer is used for our worship services. Our fellowship is ongoing with many events for families and adults during the course of the year, as well as, every Sunday and holiday. Service within the parish and to the community has many facets of which having 32 ministries, and, providing outreach to over twenty organizations are just two of the parishes’ main focuses.


Our parish considers membership from birth, which means we value our youth by screening our staff and establishing our programs for young people. Part of the learning programs at St. Michael’s are the Christian Preschool for ages 18 months to Kindergarten; the Children's Ministries for ages from birth to 3rd grade, and a BRIDGE program for 4th and 5th graders. The Youth Ministries has a LIFT (Living in Faith Together) program for Junior High Program, grades 6th, 7th and 8th, and a High School Program which includes mission trips and Diocesan overnights and camps. Adult Education (Formation) classes are presently being coordinated.  Some activities include Foyers, Bible Study and Healing Services.


Saint Michael’s Episcopal Church is 1 of 128 parishes within the Episcopal Diocese of Chicago. Located in downtown Barrington, St. Michael’s is an important part of Barrington’s history, and has been referred to as “the heartbeat of Barrington.” From our beginning in 1945 to the present day, our parish is geared toward welcoming all people and families into the Episcopal ethos.  

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