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Leader:  Ann Ryba 



Our Mission

St. Michael’s Outreach Ministries mobilize the human, spiritual and financial resources among the people of St. Michael’s Church in order to proclaim together by word and example the Good News of God in Christ. 


Our Goals

Whether we are considering grants or planning hands-on activities, we keep in mind the following goals:

  • Align funding and activities with St. Michael’s mission and strategic goals.
  • Maximize meaningful parishioner giving and involvement.
  • Commit resources (financial and human) to activities that can be enthusiastically sustained over time.

How do we decide what organizations to support?

A variety of factors are considered when determining our involvement:

  • Involvement of St. Michael’s parishioners
  • Designation as an Episcopal charity
  • Recommendation by parishioners, clergy, and diocese
  • Effectiveness and efficiency of the organization.  Priority will be given to agencies demonstrating the ability to meaningfully impact the lives of the less fortunate. Priority will also be given to agencies that channel the greatest amount of funds into programs
  • Maintain a balance of participation: locally, regionally, and globally
  • Organizations that promote the health & well-being of the less fortunate
  • Capacity for parish to fulfill the commitment (in terms of money, time, and commitment)


Learn more about:

Outreach Activities

Volunteer Opportunities

Grant Allocation Committee & Process 






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