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All Women of St. Michael’s or A.W.S.M.

botanic garden awsm trip 5.31.15

Leaders: Co-Chairs: Kristy Harrington and Ann Ross  |  

Day & Time: Meetings are scheduled as needed.


All women parishioners are invited to join this fun and friendly ministry which sponsors a variety of activities each year including garden walks, women’s retreats, fall and advent socials and game nights.     



Book Club

Leader: Kathi Frelk  | 

Day & Time: Meets once each month on the 4th Wednesday, except in November and December, when we meet on the third Wednesday @ 7:00 pm

Location: St Michael's Library


St. Michael's Book Club is open to all interested readers. Book selections come from a wide variety of literary genres and offer a wonderful way to explore several authors through fellowship and discussion led by a different individual each month.



Buildings & Grounds

Leader: Rob Wisnowski  |  w 

Day & Time: As Needed


Our vision is to make St. Michael’s an appealing and inviting place for growth by providing optimized and timely solutions for in-church ministries and non-regular maintenance needs of the church, properties and occupants. We also focus on enhancing parish fellowship through church wide member events and mutual accomplishment through faithful stewardship. We accomplish our work with a project management approach via distributing projects among committee members and volunteers and through mutual support and assistance. Work is authorized via a tiered cost approval and vestry approval process.


How to Get Involved: Show up and “Just Do It!” We welcome new, and past committee members and folks who are just interested or are called to do “tangible” faithful work. Recent completed projects:

  • Community Room acoustical sound tiles installed
  • Complete remodel of Garden Columbarium
  • Interior hallway painting
  • Organ pipe repair
  • New large preschool classroom built & outfitted



Leader: TBA  |  

Day & Time: To be determined by group

Location: Private Homes


A group of eight people who share a simple meal at each other's home during the course of one year. A great way to meet and to get to know fellow parishioners.



Friday Fellowship

ministry fair tables 1 of 29 12

Leader:  Call Parish Office  | 

Day & Time: Early Friday Mornings @ 6 am

Location: St. Michael's Community Room


The conversation is thoughtful, genuine, without agenda and wide open  . . .  true fellowship “in the round” based upon a recurring question: What is it to be a faithful man in today’s world? How?  Relevant life experience discussed safely with a scriptural context. If you feel like you are “living with a TV set” and want to plug into some “real stuff,” YOU are not alone... the Friday Fellowship welcomes you! Interested? Than join us for coffee, prayer and conversation.



Saturday Morning Bible Study

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Leader: Keith Kampert |  

Day & Time: 1st and 3rd Saturday , October through May @ 7:30 am - 9 am

Location: St. Michael's Room 6 (Bridge Room) downstairs


You are invited to study Jesus' parables, which are "the best known stories in the world."  Our Bible Study Group hopes to "gain an unmatched insight into the mind of the Master Teacher" as we use William Barclay's, The Parables of Jesus, as our study guide. 

April 21, 2018:  Chapter 30; Matthew 21: 28-32; "Which Did the Will of His Father?"

May 5, 2018:  Chapter 31; Luke 14: 25-33; "He Counted the Cost"

May 19, 2018:  Chapter 32; Luke 17: 7-10; "We Are Servants"



Small Groups

Leader: Pat Kane  | 

Day & Time:  Determined by Group

Location: Determined by Group


Small groups are great places to get to know other people and to get to know yourself. Over time, participants build deep connections with one another, and with the congregation.  A small group ministry usually consists of 5-10 members who meet at a location of the groups' choice for a defined period of time.  Each meeting is focused on a spiritual or religious topic. The Small Group Ministry program creates an environment where parishioners can listen and be listened to in a safe place, build new and deeper personal connections, serve our community and the needs of one another, and maintain personal connections and a caring community



Spirited Sisters

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Leaders: Sue Barnum  |    

                         Sally Smith  |  

Day & Time:  Tuesday evenings.  Two sessions per year.  A ten-week fall session from September to mid-November.  A seven-week Lenten session from Ash Wednesday through Easter.

Location: St. Michael's Library


Spirited Sisters are women who share the desire to experience the joy of Christ-centered fellowship while exploring ways to grow in faith and love through prayer, study, reflection and discussion.  The group provides opportunities to discover more about ourselves, our faith and trust in God, our knowledge of God’s Word, how it applies to our lives, and what it means to live in relationship with Christ. Our faith journeys are magnificently enriched as we faithfully reach out to those around us with God's love. The Spirited Sisters cordially invite all women to join us at any time during the fall and/or Lenten Tuesday evening sessions. Or, get to know us in June, July, and August when we get-together once a month for fun, fellowship and the chance to connect or reconnect.



Women's Lenten Bible Study

Tuesday Evenings, 7:00-8:30 p.m.

All women and friends of St. Michael's are warmly welcomed to join Spirited Sisters for our Lenten Bible Study. Come when you can or follow along at home - there are plenty of books available at the church gift store, And All the Angels. We will meet in St. Michael's Library.

This study book is based upon the Revised Common Lectionary Scriptures for year B of the church year, and includes commentary and reflection on readings from the Old Testament, the Gospels, and the Epistles. The Lord Is Our Salvation invites us to explore God’s saving and redeeming love through a study of the Scripture readings for Lent and Easter. Author Katie Z. Dawson invites us to a deeper understanding of the salvation Christ offers by exploring the various ways God restores us and our world to wholeness. Dawson opens the Scriptures to show God’s redemption at work in the men, women, and communities of the Bible. In her personal and insightful reflections, we hear a call to embrace Christ’s salvation in our lives and in the world around us during the Lenten Season. For more information please contact Sue Barnum, 847-304-6989 or Sally Smith, 847-274-4622.  


Spirited Sisters History

Spirited Sisters Group Guidelines



St. Michael's Garden Angels

Leader: Carol Hebert  | 

Day & Time: Seasonal


St. Michael's Garden Angels is a ministry group for those who particularly spend their time and energy maintaining and beautifying the church grounds. Our mission is to:

  1. Develop and grow a garden ministry at St Michael’s that will create a sense of community and lead to deepened relationships within the Garden Angel’s group and spread into St Michael’s community as a whole;
  2. Enhance God’s beautiful gift of nature so that it SHINES in St. Michael’s gardens and creates a WARM and WELCOMING entrance to our parish;
  3. Welcome seasoned gardeners AND gardeners just getting started. Families TOO!!!!;
  4. Create opportunities with as little or as much commitment as desired and/or able to give.

EVERY Little Bit Helps, and, We would LOVE to have you join us!

How You Can Help:     

  • For Spring Cleanup: spread mulch, rake leaves, trim groundcover, weed beds, plant flowers, or, prepare for summer, OR,   adopt a BIG or SMALL area in the garden to care for throughout the season by weeding beds, trimming groundcover, and caring for the area as needed throughout the season, OR, share in watering needs throughout the season, trim shrubs. 
  • For Fall Clean Up: rake leaves, clean planting beds, prepare for winter.


Veteran’s of St. Michael’s

2016.09 veterans pic

Leader: Jim Tammi  | 

Day & Time: Every three months @ 7 pm (1900 hours)

Location: Library


Veterans of all branches of the service meet for fellowship. Usually a guest speaker has a presentation.



Women's Bible Study: Soul Journey

2016.09 tues morning bible study

Leader: Kay Lewis and Nancy Seth (Summer) | 

Day & Time: Tuesday Mornings @ 9:30 am-11:30 am

Location: St. Michael's Library


A group of women, all ages, that love to share together and to study the bible together. We laugh and learn at the same time.


Somewhere in the back of your mind, you've heard of or remembered there's a bible study for women on Tuesday mornings...  
Maybe you've been before, it's been a while, and it would feel awkward to come back...
Maybe you think this group is stuck in its ways and won't feel welcoming to a newcomer...
Maybe you think you have to know how to find a book in the bible...


If you're thinking any of these things, please know that none of these thoughts should keep you from coming back or giving this group a try.
The Lenten season is a perfect time to set aside six Tuesday mornings to nurture your soul.  Come and join a great group of women who laugh, share, cry and ask questions together.
We gather in the library at 9:30 a.m. and end promptly at 11:00 a.m.  Kay Lewis and Nancy Seth alternate leading the group.  YOU are welcome.  Please join us for a Lenten journey.

8:00 AM - Rite I   &   10:00 AM - Rite II   Click for directions
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