St. Michael's Minions

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I would like to introduce a little experiment that we are working on at St. Michael’s to be of greater assistance to people during this time.  It started when one of our members wanted to know who might need a hot meal while staying at home.  From there, we added a few other ideas, and this was born: St. Michael’s Minions!  


I am not sure if this will continue past our immediate timeframe, or if this is something we can really get behind and expand later, but for now I ask you two things: 


Do you have a need, and live in the Barrington, IL area?  Fill out this form and let us know.  I cannot guarantee that every request will be fulfilled, but we can try.  We are currently offering to bring a meal, and pickup groceries and prescriptions.



Do you have some spare time on your hands, and might help someone with these tasks (with proper social distancing in place?).  Fill out this form and let me know:



Please share these links with people in our area! 


8:00 AM - Rite I   &   10:00 AM - Rite II   Click for directions
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