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All Drive-in Communion services canceled, including Palm Sunday, on the advice of Lake Cook County Health Department.  


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Church in the age of the Coronavirus


Dear St. Michael’s! I am writing to you one week after church services have been suspended. As I mentioned before, I never imagined having to lead a parish during times like this, but I also will admit that in some ways creating new ways of being together has been fun.


Before the big reveal for this Sunday (yes we are having communion!), I want to give you an update from our Bishop. Bishop Lee has informed the clergy that we are to stay closed for in-person worship through Easter, and likely for a total of two months. This is not the best news, and I am really torn about not having Holy Week as we usually do. During this shutdown, the Vestry has approved the payments of all of our preschool teachers and staff, including the hourly workers; not only do we want them to stay on solid financial footing, we want them to return when this is all over. We will continue to pay our staff for as long as we can, so I ask your help. If you want to contribute to St. Michael’s online, please go to and make your donations there. Help us continue to pay our people, and to be on solid financial footing once we return to regular worship services. Mail in checks are of course welcomed as well.


As I mentioned, Bishop Lee has told us that we are to continue the suspension of in-person worship so as to prevent the spread of this virus. He is right, and we will do so even through Easter. But my heart aches… it aches to be in community with you, and it aches that we do not get to share in the Eucharist together. Thus an idea was born! Drive-in Communion! Imagine this- like the old drive-in movies, we all gather in the parking lot and remain in our cars. We tune our radios to FM 89.9, and you park so as to see the altar set up in the northwest corner of our building (by the entrance to the main parking lot). You download the bulletin from our website ahead of time, and we have an abbreviated church service right there in the parking lot! The sermons are still online for you to stream at home.


When it comes time for Communion, we have wafers blessed as the Body of Christ in ziplock baggies, placed there ahead of time wearing gloves and masks so they have not been touched. We bring them to your car, and pass them through the window- still keeping our social distance (being outside is a big help here). Our music director plays a familiar hymn through our car radios as we wait for the wafers. Then I give the blessing, and we are dismissed to go back home, or go for a walk in the cemetery with good distance between us.


If that sounds fun, I invite you to come at 9am and 10am this Week, March 22, and celebrate communion together, but still distanced. Honestly, it may be the only way we can be together and not spread this virus; it may be the only way to have Easter together when the time comes.


I suppose at any other time in my ministry I would have said this was crazy, but today when I have the choice of not having any communion, or having it in this way, I choose this. And until this passes and we can gather together again in the nave, we can still be nourished by each other’s presence and through Christ’s body, and still maintain our safe social distance. Hope to see you here in the parking lot through your windshields at 9am and 10am this Sunday. See the below link for the Drive-in Communion bulletin.




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8:00 AM - Rite I   &   10:00 AM - Rite II   Click for directions
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